Use of Technology in Shenzhen, China.

Recently, I and friends have visited Shenzhen city, China. Many experiences explored, experienced and encountered. Known, we do not use the tourist guides. This is because we believe that with the advancement of technology now. We believe the internet and a sophisticated communications system now.

Our visit was very worthwhile because the save. Thanks to low-cost carrier Air Asia for giving us the opportunity to track foot Shenzhen, China.

What can we share together is about how lucky we are born in Malaysia. Of course for me and my colleagues will assess the progress of technology and to make comparisons between the two countries.

When I take a taxi heading to a place to stay in the En Ping Street through our toll plazas. Indeed toll in the country more powerful and sophisticated. Similarly, the progress telekomunasi system. When I create a ‘top up’ credit in the town of Dong Meng, they still use paper types that we accept the pay slip every month. Most sets sold have no phone wi fi.

But we have a very proud of. they are quite advanced with the subway system. majority of people in this town use underground way to move from one city to a city.

finally, we actually feel very fortunate when Air Asia announced the “safe return to land ‘…

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