Welcome 2010. One interesting figure that must also promises an interesting impact. That’s our hope.
However many who complain. Normally, in the early years, the curriculum committee meeting, a meeting must be PANITIA discusses PMR results recently. But jeling-jelinglah between us. To maintain a successful 100% pass percentage, lebarlah smile, I will have time meeting tu KBTV and PKP. Dah la 100%, the number of students who get A grades also rising. We have members who suggested PANITIA was a little feast of gratitude. Never mind, do thanksgiving feast on our efforts and our success. What is important, our students have been successful.

No longer seem strange that the test results as the last in 2005. Alhamdulillah, KHB PMR candidates, make promises and come check your course work, to implement graduated le … kureng-kureng grade D. Tak gitu?

Not denied, marks course work helps. We admit students who actually perform the work according to the course module has been set, we will give a value that corresponds with their rulings by reference provided by the LPM. That’s their right. May have read that do not know, but the project was, they hear us talk. So, we give them any rights. How pure PBS, to give the right.
The coming new year ni, many require a commitment from us. Any planned to be ‘landing’ to our students. That’s our job. do not blame anyone when a student fails, blame but ourselves and change the plan to achieve success.

Safe working



2 Responses

  1. salam. saya nak tanya tuan, mana nak dapat soalan kerja kursus KHB 2010?

    • salam.
      Kerja Kursus KHB adalah berbentuk Modul. Bagaimana untuk melaksanakan modul ialah dengan merujuk kepada Dokumen Pentaksiran Kerja Kursus yang dikeluarkan oleh Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia.

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